I’ve been thinking hard about ending this blog and have decided it’s time. When I first started this it was to leave testament of my coming out and transition. The issues and angst, the hurdles and the wins were all documented. But I have noticed that for a while, it’s really just been a place for me to whine about things. And given that I have several privileges I think it’s silly to document my very real lack of obstacles. There is also a real lack of desire to continue writing for this blog. I’m at a comfortable place in my life and though I have problems, I just don’t believe it’s of enough importance to others to continue.

I’m not leaving the public forum, not going stealth. I’m still going to be around, but perhaps in a different medium for shorter takes on things. I’m thinking of TikTok, but it’s still only in the conception phase. I love all of you. I’m so glad I could be a part of your lives and help in any way I could. I will keep this website active for it’s archives as I think they may help those who are starting out on their journey.

It’s time to let go of things and not continue them for the sake of habit. I can still be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which if I start TT, I will share on those mediums.

With Kindness and Love,


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