A Christmas Peace

Our dog, Lulah. Photo by Michelle Pitts

Hi there, it’s currently Christmas in two thousand and nineteen. We have achieved world peace, cold fusion, universal acceptance of all cultures and flying cars are the norm. Our cloud cities are the envy of the galaxy, and our extraterrestrial friends have established ambassadorships in order to learn from our advancements… Wouldn’t that be great? 

Despite any hardships we have endured this year, my family has had a nice and peaceful Christmas. So, you might think I have little to post about, not complaining or marking the issues. It’s kind of true, as conflict often makes the best material for reading. But I am happy to report that you are going to be wondrously bored with this particular blog entry.

My being transgender had no factor in the events of Christmas eve or on Christmas day, zero. Sorry, but now that I have been out, there isn’t much to report until or if I end up having surgeries. Which may happen with this new insurance we are on, who knows? I’m kind of glad that my being trans has no relevance and that it’s all about just trying to be a good person and hoping that santa doesn’t pass me by. I am free of a mask that I only see in old photographs now.

Our being broke because of Michelle’s surgery (she gets no sick days or time off pay) and then quickly thereafter jury duty, had very little effect on Christmas as well. We were choosey about what gifts we bought and let others know this was going to be a tough year for us. It made us think about the nature of the gifts, and of their importance to the receiver. I’m seeing this as a positive in our lives.

(Continuing the day after Christmas)

It was indeed a positive. The kids each got a few things and they were really happy with them. Not a complaint in the house. The entire day was devoid of drama and peaceful. The kids broke off to do their individual things. Martin and Raven are moving into an apartment in South Carolina in February, so they went upstairs into the apartment above the garage with Alex to go through all the stuff we store up there to see what they could use or take with them. Rose, well she probably was in her room dancing on tiktok. We snacked throughout the day and ate this awesome spinach lasagna that Michelle made for dinner. 

 Yes, I had a panic attack later that night, but this is a recurring issue and not at all an indication of the day. It was controlled eventually and we went to bed. My wife, Michelle, talked to me about things that were not about my panic attack and really helped me ease out of terror. Our cat, Bleu, cuddled against my face on my pillow and purred. I couldn’t have asked for a better duo to help me control my panic attack. The last thing I thought about that night before I drifted off is how lucky I am.

Rose napping with our cat, Bleu. Photo by Michelle Pitts

See? Peaceful. What a wonderful way to spend the holidays.

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