Thanks for All the Turkey!

Mom, large and in charge.

It’s that time of year again in the US, the Giving of Thanks is upon us. So, in the spirit of the holiday’s modern interpretation rather than its religious and agricultural origins, I am going to tell you a bit about the things I am thankful for. If you are squeamish about sentiment, frightened of feels or annoyed with affection, this is your stop, please disembark and mind the run-on sentence as you exit.

Three generations that will always share my heart.

I am thankful to everyone who has stayed, my friends, coworkers and family, after I allowed myself to let the mask drop away. My transition has been far easier than most and I know exactly how lucky I am to have good people surrounding me. I know, I know, surely there is some other subject to be thankful for other than my transitioning. Well, true, I am thankful for a lot of things, but this is the single biggest moment in my life and it still looms largely in my thoughts when I ponder what I am thankful for. Next year, maybe I will tell my friends and family how thankful I am that they make my life wonderful, that each day is very much like a gift and that they each bring me joy. Perhaps next year I will tell them this. 

My Queen


You have always been my friend, that I love and admire you is no secret. But I want to tell you why I am thankful, not tell you how much I love you (which I do). I am thankful that you are a kind and loving person, that you feel strongly about things and have found your voice, your courage. I am thankful that we have similar interests but not exactly the same, that we appreciate each others interests even if they aren’t our own. I am grateful that you are patient, accepting and manage to deal with my particular kind of crazy. You are brilliant and fierce, geeky and goofy, you are simply, entirely wonderful. 

This is a good reason to have cameras

My Children,

Right now, at this moment in time, you have no idea how absolutely I love each of you. Later, when you look back on your life, then you will understand and that is alright, that is the way it is supposed to be. I am grateful that each of you are your own person, with independent ideals and differing outlooks. I am thankful that you have an entire life before you full of interesting twists and turns, love and loss, highs and lows. I want the best for all of you and I am thankful that you will get that chance.

He couldn’t be cooler if he tried. Shoeless Joe


You are my absolute best friend, my brother. To say I am thankful for you in my life seems hardly enough. You saved my life by being in it, by being there when it counted. I am thankful for each second you have gained me, for each moment beyond the day I was going to end it all. It’s been 12 years and counting, all because of you my friend. I am thankful that you continued to not only be my best friend when I came out as trans, but became my biggest cheerleader and supporter. I am thankful that you are a geek of epic proportions, forthright and stalwart. You are my Champion and for that, I am eternally grateful.

The Best In-Laws

Chris, Donna & Taylor,

I am so very thankful for who you are, that you were so willing to accept me as I am, rather than who I pretended to be. You were among the first to use my real name, the first to refer to me using the correct pronouns, that will always have you in my heart as pretty awesome in-laws. I am so grateful you are my family.

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