Best Laid Plans

Image stolen from Scott Pilgrim promo.

I had my ears pierced on July 20th and even though I was careful I still managed to drag my left ear on my pillow in my sleep and cause it a bit longer to heal up. Thankfully, due to keeping the area very clean and being extra careful with how I lay on my pillow it healed up nicely. Finally, I am able to wear different earrings! I like the ones that dangle as well as hoops, so I managed to work up the nerve to take out my starter pair and put in some dangly earrings. It was a bit nerve wracking because I was worried about not being able to get the earring in but it was really kind of easy. So, can I level up from something that most 12 year old girls have already gone through? Yes, yes I can. [BETH HAS EARNED THE POWER OF DANGLY EARRINGS.]

But wait! The next day I wore slightly larger earrings and I found that partway through the day my ear was very sore and the piercing was starting to bleed a bit. So I had to remove the heavy rectangular bit and leave in the stud so that the piercing wouldn’t close up over the course of the day. I have to dial it back a bit until my ears get used to the weight I suppose.

Those green things in a strip? My company makes those.

This weekend was to kick off our 4 day family vacation with my in-laws, which we were really looking forward to. However my wife, Michelle, started feeling badly on Friday morning. It was bad enough for her to call out of work and I started to worry. By 2pm she had gone to bed in pain, so I decided to leave work early, telling my GM that likely we were going to the hospital.

When I arrived at the house, she was in quite a bit of pain and I helped her up and into the car so we could go to the emergency room. At first, I was thinking, it’s a bad attack of gas or perhaps food poisoning, but it would be taken care of in the ER. But things got pretty worrisome quickly as it was guessed that she has appendicitis. After the tests came back, it was confirmed, her appendix was infected and inflamed. As the small local hospital didn’t have a weekend surgical team, they had to transfer her to a larger hospital not too far away.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash because I had no photos of the hospital, I was too preoccupied.

We spent that night in her room, the surgeon wanting to flood her system with antibiotics before the surgery. He scheduled the surgery for that morning, so we had a very uncomfortable and anxious night. I usually don’t have a lack of things to say to my wife, but that night I was racked with worry for her. So, I was perhaps a bit more taciturn than I usually am. I just held her hand or ran my fingers on her free arm, the other being tied up with IV tubes and a BP cuff.

Me, worried during operation.

I was miserable, we had had an argument a few days previous to this, it was unlike us but had been building for a while and needed to be done. But I felt guilty now about the argument and I worried that she would not make it through this supposedly simple surgery. I find ways to make myself miserable and guilty. I tried my best to remain positive at least outwardly and provide support to her emotionally, as I knew she was worried as well.

Bed controls, never well enough to play with them properly.

The next morning, they did the operation and I waited in the waiting room closest to the OR. Luckily, her parents met me there and were a welcome distraction from my concerns of what was happening and that I had no control over. We talked about a lot of things, I cried a lot trying to talk. I was an emotional mess. I was really glad that Donna and Chris were there, I felt like I wasn’t alone in this. Only around 45 minutes later and they reported that she was finished with the surgery and that she would be in the room shortly. So, we went up and met her there. 

Michelle, the night before surgery.

After Michelle was conscious, her parents left because she needed to rest. I settled in for the day, just watching her and making sure she was comfortable and doing alright. But it really didn’t take long for her to come around and be well enough to go home. The operation started at around 10am and we left the hospital at around 3pm. I have never had surgery and my idea of it was still based in the 1970/1980s ideas of what television surgery consists of, with sutures and large incisions. They had gone in laparoscopically and overall there was very little trauma to the area. So, today, three days later, she is up and about, sore and still worn out but attending a class for work.

Nothing worked out this extended weekend like we had planned, but I think we ended up being very lucky even so. If her pain had started during the vacation, she would likely have tried to tough it out for the weekend, in which case it’s very likely the appendix would have burst and in all likelihood she would have died from it. I’m thankful that everything lined up to get her to the hospital before it became an emergency issue. I’m calling this weekend a win.

One thought on “Best Laid Plans

  1. Tanit Richards

    Hi Beth,

    Sorry to hear of your wife’s experience. Had an acquaintance at work get a ruptured appendix several years ago and it was a bit of a struggle. At least it turned out well and that all one can ask for. Hopefully she is fully recovered by the date of this late response. I had my first-ever real surgery (spermatocele) two months ago. Not an emergency but it had to be done or it would continue to enlarge. An “interesting” experience which could have also turned out to be much worse…👀 . Modern medicine never ceases to amaze me when one reads about 19th century medical practices. Hugs,


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