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There we go, that problematic URL/Title of my blog is gone now.

Welcome to the newly named, “Beth Overthinks It” blog. I have retained the old posts, I feel some of them are important not only to me but to others who may be transitioning. I am going to add files onto this site as well, most of them have to do with transitioning. But this site will no longer only talk about my being transgender. I want to expand on different things I… well, tend to overthink.

11th Annual Blue Ridge Pride Festival

My wife and I went to the 11th Annual Blue Ridge Pride Festival this weekend. We got there way too early, with vendors just beginning to set up. Of course, being my first time coming to this festival, I managed to leave my phone at home, so the photos provided are thanks to my wife letting me borrow her phone. I was highly emotional from my starting injectable estrogen instead of patches, it shot my levels from a paltry 60 to an amazing 427. I was having a mini-emotional breakdown as we sat on a bench while the vendors set everything up. Once I got some control over myself, we began to enjoy the festival. 

First was the procession, which was a very cool mini-parade. The map on the website showed it going right through the vendor area, so we figured it was a mistake. No! It went right through the vendor area, which at some points was a tight squeeze to get past vehicles parked nearby.

During the procession I got to see Allison and DeAnne, two women I was acquainted with only through our being trans and online. Allison was holding a banner or she would have gotten a hug just like I gave DeAnne! I was a bit embarrassed after, but I had noticed DeAnne only after she was walking past me as part of the procession and my reaction was to run out into the procession to give her a hug. I haven’t met many other trans women in real life, mostly it’s online, so for me it was very emotional to see these beautiful women in person.

After the procession, we went through the many vendors, church, company booths. I know, it’s kind of ‘ugh’ for companies to show their faces during a pride event and then hear nothing for the rest of the time. But the companies that had helped me during my transition were in attendance and that was good to see. I was also moved by the churches who were not only accepting but actively supporting the LGBTQ+ community. I’m not a Christian, but I feel that Christ would have very much approved of their spirit.

There was more going on, live music was just starting up as we left. We always attend festivals early and tend to leave before it gets too hot. Overall, it was a great experience and of course, despite what some straight people may think very much child friendly.

Bonus Procession Pig!

2 thoughts on “Beth Overthinks It

  1. Tanit Richards

    Hi Beth, welcome back! I have not attended a Pride event as of yet but it is on my list of things to do. I do attend the TDOR gatherings though which are less happy occasions…Take care.
    Hugs, Tanit

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Tanit! I hope you get the chance, it’s very empowering just being around so many people who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. One can feel desperately alone when you are any of the letters, it’s nice to be physically in the center of proof you aren’t the only one.


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