Taking a Break

So, I was going to create an entirely new blog and discontinue this one. But I think I am going to keep this one and rename it and take it in a slightly new approach to my posts. I have waffled back and forth as to what to do and I came up with this idea… I don’t want to lose the content I have here, as there are some really good posts for young or newly coming out trans people and I want to keep that information alive. I will be revamping and renaming the site as I want it to be cleaner and more accessible including things like files available for name change, etc.

I was permanently suspended on twitter for the second time. I came at Trump supporters and transphobes/homophobes very aggressively with my first account. It was mostly my fault, I tread a very fine line with the rules. The first two warnings were because I called people “TERFs”, for that I don’t apologize, as they were TERFs and I call them like they present themselves. The third strike was because a trolling bully cis guy decided to pick on a trans woman mercilessly and wouldn’t stop. I reported him, many did, but I also threatened violence on him and that got me reported. I don’t regret the intent, I regret I let myself be angered into getting myself suspended. It’s what bigots want, to passively enrage us into making a mistake, then they get to play victim. The second time, I was on a new account and I started fresh, making sure that I approached people, bigots and all in a positive way. I may still have used “TERF”, but it’s no more a slur than “racist” is, but Twitter doesn’t care.

They suspended me because I was using an account to get around their original suspension. No matter that I had changed how I approached the use of my account, there is no appeal unless you have a blue check, then they will reverse the ‘permanent’ suspension and let you back on to bully others. Anyway, I have found myself suddenly without a voice, where I had some semblance of one before. I have facebook, but I have followers who are co-workers and it could be an issue if I voice my opinions or do anything other than show cute animal videos. I am careful because it could affect my position with the company.

My point to all this is, that the voice I do have is here, right here on my blog and I intend on using it in a positive and affirming way. It has to be more than about anger, this has to be about shining a light on the good and bad and helping others who might be in the dark. So I will be back to this website, but with a different URL and Name. But first, I am going to take a break for a month and get my shit together. Put it in a backpack and take it to the shit store. All the shit. Take a moment, then come back to this with open mind and heart, good intent and paving stones. Thank you for being a reader of this blog, I hope you continue to read it even as it evolves to something other than the diary of a woman trying to find her way to being herself.

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