I got to be startin’ somethin’


After some initial frustration at a several days delay of one of my meds at Walgreens Pharmacy, I finally started May 1st on Estradiol (Estrogen hormone) 0.1mg patch and Spironolactone (Testosterone blocker) 50mg pills. My frustration had more to do with circumstance than any person or business. Walgreens and the clinic have both been working to get my meds to me. However, the Walgreens app, the part that tells you if your script is ready, kept going from “Delayed” to “Out of Stock” all day. Ends up, it was because the Estradiol was both, delayed for insurance denial and out of stock at the pharmacy. The Insurance denied because the clinic had ordered far too much of the patches, 30 of them, which would have lasted for several months and the price was over $500. The clinic fixed this and the insurance went through, but then Walgreens did not have any of the patches, so I had to wait several days (weekend) until they finally got them in the system late Tuesday afternoon. I put my first patch on that night, I was going to wait until Wednesday morning, but I just couldn’t.

I had been taking the Spiro for four days before I started on the Estradiol, so I was feeling achy at my joints and tired. On the first day of the E, I was feeling better, it felt like my system was finding a balance, the achiness and fatigue had dwindled to almost nothing. Then, of course, my wife and I both got an upper respiratory infection. I get them almost every year, but for me this year it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. My wife didn’t fare as well, she had to go to the doctor and while I am better except the annoying coughing, she is still miserable and sick on the couch. So, I can’t tell in my first full week of using E/Spiron if I am feeling any different really. I noticed that I do have softer skin, that is nice, and I feel a bit calmer. I do have dull aches in my sides, which I imagine may be just the pain of E doing its work. I am being impatient, wanting things to happen, breasts, hips and ass. I keep feeling around, just trying to notice even subtle changes or pains letting me know that things are changing. I check the internet daily to see what other people say I should be experiencing right now. I know this is a lifelong process, I know that some things might not change much at all. But HRT gives me hope, whereas without it, well without it I’m just stuck with a mask firmly affixed.

I’m not going to update you weekly on my HRT, I just wanted to get the first week documented, perhaps I will update at the 6th month mark. I will update if there is a change in my meds or the dosage and if something of significant results happen. I do plan on getting an orchiectomy once they up the dosage on the Spiron to make sure I can handle the lack of T without becoming catatonic. Once we are sure, I should be able to drop Spiron completely. HRT is a lifelong process, I don’t like having this tether of dependence, but I didn’t get the genetics I was supposed to either, so now it’s “adapt and overcome” time.


[Note: The dosages Estradiol 0.1mg patch & Spironolactone 50mg pills are fairly standard for beginning MtF HRT. But please don’t use this as a guide for self-medication.]

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