The Wardrobe Assimilation

When we bought our house, it was after many searches and with a very frazzled realtor who almost wept when we finally closed. One of the features that spoke to my wife was a closet in the hallway that was very big and lined and shelved in cedar. I was less pleased with the small closet that I knew would end up being mine. It has no shelves, just a rack that is about three feet long. This closet would have been great for a man who lived a spartan life. I knew that this closet would not be great for me, a woman who likes clothes. So, yes, I have closet envy.


My wife has filled her large closet with clothes and shoes and I have over-filled my little closet completely. I have pruned down my masks male clothing to just the five shirts I wear 5 days a week to work, the rest, pants, shirts, dresses, etc. are all mine. I have shoes piled upon each other on the floor of the closet with a small plastic drawer set for sundries. I could change some things, such as adding a shelf above the clothes rod, so that I have a place to put my wigs. But overall, the size of the closet is the size it must be, there is a window in the only area in which it can be expanded.


Aside from the closet, we have a nine-drawer dresser in which I have one single drawer. I know this sounds like I am complaining about my wife, that isn’t my intent. When we started living together, she didn’t know about my being a woman. So, when we moved into an apartment together, I was in full mask mode. And when we were figuring out our living situation, I responded in “spartan male” and told her I just need a drawer and a small part of the one huge closet. Things have obviously changed, but we are creatures of habit and I don’t want to seem like I am taking space from her. This weekend I am going to do that however, get a couple more drawers and see about cleaning out a few junk drawers in our smaller dresser.


Next to the closet is a large wicker chest under the window. It is filled with comforters, hand-made quilts my grandmother and great-grandmother had made. I use the top of the chest to put a box of breast forms, my current week’s pair of pants, my sleepshirt and my two wigs. However, it is also the place I pile clean dresses and shirts and capris, etc. that I don’t have the space for in my closet or drawer. It becomes impossible to find anything without digging through the entire pile and having to reassemble the pile. 


All of this came about because I decided to do something about the clothes pile. I decided to wash the entire pile even though they are clean, our dog was shedding for a couple of months very badly so hair everywhere. After they dried, I hung everything that could be hung in the closet. I was left with a considerable pile of clothes that still didn’t have a home, my one drawer being completely full. So, they are back on the wicker chest until I can get more space. I intend to create space this weekend, hopefully without my wife feeling resentful that I am taking space from her.

7 thoughts on “The Wardrobe Assimilation

  1. Hello Anon, so glad you could join the conversation! Let me begin with the obvious, not a crossdresser, that is when a male dresses as female or a female dresses as male. I am a trans woman, so dressing appropriately, though I admit to crossdressing for work, but it is just a shirt. And let me assure you, my wife is very happy with my being female, since she gets twice the clothes of any cis relationship. Also, since we are both bi, it hardly matters to us which of us is which gender. Love is love, try to live big and not within the narrow margins of hate.


  2. Dear Beth

    I beg you – move, extend or take over the attic! You can't live like this!

    It may surprise many to learn that my own alter-ego, Closetta is a serial shopper. She keeps dragging me off to look at frocks in shops and shoes on-screen. I’ve spent some of the best years of my life with her, searching for The Frock. In fact after years of stuffing all her fripperies into boxes under the bed, two years ago I finally built Closetta a whole new set of closets. And, give the girl her due for diligent work, all these closets are now rather full. And still my sweet pet still wants more, more and yet more.

    To be fair, she’s started putting on weight – after being a semi-perfect UK dress size 14 (but squeezing into 12 on occasion) she’s now started bulging into a UK 16. Which means that there is some duplication and redundancy. Though the happy memories of each garment remain. And so purging is not an option. Not any more. Done that, still got the t-shirt (but lost a lot of great stuff, even if I say so (on her behalf, naturally).

    All these clothes of hers means that there’s a huge range of ‘looks’ to be experimented with. Closetta neither knows nor cares how many. (Two more items this week alone). But I decided today to take a tally. I counted 36 tops, 43 skirts, 127 dresses, 48 pairs of shoes and boots, 38 wigs, and 8 drawers of underwear. If there’s 10 different leg-looks – coloured tights, leggings, stockings (and that’s a low estimate), then [(36×43)+127]x48x38x10 makes over 30 million different outfits. That’s before all the variations of jewellery, hair up/down etc. If Closetta were to wear a different outfit every second of the day, it would take her a year to try out all the possible combinations.

    And now, since she’s reading over my shoulder, I think she might just try. So excuse me if the lunatic I’m handcuffed to, drags me away for yet another photo shoot!


  3. Paulette, I am absolutely making plans. I spoke with my wife and we are mulling over possibilities. One way, we could extend the closet, but it would take up bedrooms space. We could change one of the unused bedrooms to a cosmetics vanity/changing room and install some clothes rods. I would rather not lose a bedroom as we like to have them available for family when they visit. Though I love the idea of a HUGE closet. A lot of what I write is something I end up discussing with my wife (sometimes before I write it).


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