Faster than the speed of…

Life is often strange and weird for me. Nothing is normal, not even my mom’s death. She didn’t die, she rebounded and leaves my previous post feeling oddly out of place. I managed to come to acceptance through the whole stages of grief, and then I climbed out into hope.

She isn’t dying now, she is up and getting better from the sepsis. Her doctors have a new plan for treating her cancer and she is back to wanting to fight. I don’t know what happened, but I am glad it did.

On the me side of things, my transiness, I am going to the laser hair removal for my facial area so I don’t have to shave my face anymore (hopefully). I am going to do this and I will keep moving forward with my changes.

My wife and I are starting a blog together, it’s not about my transiness or her issues (non-issues) with it. It’s a secret right now, but I will post the link once we start it on this blog. It will be a blog post about the first blog post about the new blog… and blog.

This update is over. I will report my facial hair removal consult and let you all know what to expect, what happens and the costs that you can expect, since no one seems to say this like it’s taboo. Ta for now!

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