Two Items of Interest

This election, specifically how it is going to affect me and the people that I care about, has sidetracked me from some things I have been wanting to post on here. So, I am going to put them together in one post, this isn’t to diminish their contributions, but more from my lack of initiative, I apologize. (I am not compensated in any way, this is for your information only)

Juno Medical, a german company that specializes in setting up overseas surgeries, including the transportation and accommodations. While they have done Dentistry and other medical surgeries, they are now offering SRS options.
Please take a look at the SRS Guide, see if it will help you. To me this sounds like a pretty awesome service, if they can deliver on what they say at a reasonable price. Understanding that most Transgender are scraping every last penny together in order to get these surgeries would go a long way to this company being able to help us.

The Pearl of Africa , (taken from the website) “is a story about Cleopatra Kambugu, a 28 year old Ugandan transgender girl. Biologically born male, but against all odds, transitioning into the woman she knows she was born to be. An intimate fight for love, in one of the most transphobic places in the world. Forced to leave her country and loving boyfriend behind. She sets out to fight for her right to love, and against all odds, to become the first accepted trans person in Uganda.”
I watched the trailer on youtube and it’s something I think many of us can relate to. Love is universal, no matter who you are.
The Pearl of Africa was screening at IDFA, on Nov 17th, in which both Cleo and Nelson attended. There was an extended Q&A at the event.

Again, I want to apologize to Tim, who is on the Business Development at Juno Medical. And to Louise EK, who brought The Pearl of Africa to my attention.

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