Pride Day in Asheville NC

It was pride day in Asheville, North Carolina yesterday. I didn’t go, I have conflicted feelings on this. Not the day itself, I think it is great that everyone comes together to get recognition. That is kind of the problem, and one of the reasons why being Trans doesn’t fit the LGB community. 

We are the shadow fringe of this community. You cannot get attention for something you are actively trying to hide. For the most part the Trans community is trying to pass, to go unnoticed so we can live our lives. Unlike the LGB part, the pride comes mostly from being mistaken on the outside for who we are on the inside. It’s like trying to highlight a chameleon among peacocks. A pretty (or manly if FtM) chameleon, but all in all still invisible.
I am conflicted because I want to support LGBT, (I bought a tshirt) but I also just want to be a girl. I am Trans, but I’m not really proud of it. It’s a mistake of biology that I have a male body. I’m proud of those who go out and support LGBT interests, and yes I want to help so I do what I can, vote for the right people etc. But ultimately, I just want to be a normal woman with normal issues. I think a lot of us feel that way, can’t really say, I do.
There are those who are shouting their membership to the skies and hold up large signs. They have embraced being Trans as a way of life that I don’t understand. I think it is great, I just don’t understand it. There is a reason to be part of LGBT, to make sure we have protection and assurance of our rights.But honestly, LGBT shouldn’t even be a thing. We are people and all people deserve protection and basic human rights. I should be protected by laws and by the constitution, without the need for legislation for being trans-human. I am saddened by this and fear of how I will be treated is why I have hidden as a male in the first place.
This is deeper than I intended to go, I support LGBT because it is necessary. Pity a world that needs it.

2 thoughts on “Pride Day in Asheville NC

  1. That is a good point Leslie. Although I find men and women sexually attractive, you are right I don't have to out as trans. I think I have more of an issue about the concept of LGBT, as we are most times only tolerated, and in some instances actively disliked by the LGB part. We have been passed over in legislation that LGBT has helped to pass. Because the LGB is getting their agendas taken care of. We were told “next time”, like we are an afterthought. Again, going too long here. I want to support LGBT, we should. I just have trust issues.


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