Work and WOW

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I have been so busy the last couple of weeks. Work has taken a lot of my time, with board members showing up, hiring a new US CEO, etc. I won’t blame work for everything, World of Warcraft (WOW) has a new release out and I have been playing it with most spare moments. I’m a geek, it’s bound to happen.

Nothing much on the transgender side of things. I have some days where I avoid the wife when I am being me, then there are others like today, where we have a great day. I was able to be me, she learned that my name is Elizabeth, and just had a good long normal conversation about things without me feeling like I was being talked at or judged.

My name came up because our son, Martin’s name is similar to his given name. My wife was telling me that she noticed a lot of transgender lately have been choosing older names. I added that a lot tend to choose the feminine or masculine version of the name they were given, but there is no rule, it’s about what we like. That opened it up for me to tell her what my name is, which by the way is not any version of my name. I even explained why I am Elizabeth Anne Locke. The “Locke”, for obvious reasons, it mainly just to protect my anonymity. “Elizabeth” because I have always liked that name, always, since I was a child, wanted to be called that. “Anne” because, again, I am a geek and it’s in honor of Buffy (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), who’s middle name is “Anne”. Strong and pretty, we can be both, why limit things.

My wife and I spent the day on Saturday at an apple festival. We had a great time, I love spending time with my wife like this. But there is always something, as we walked I kept seeing women wearing pretty sundresses and able to enjoy the day as the person they are. I’m jealous of that. We could be two women, walking hand in hand, with me wearing a nice sundress and sandals instead of the male clothing and being called “sir” at stands. It’s frustrating. Still had a good time, would have rather not been in the costume the entire time.

3 thoughts on “Work and WOW

  1. When Lucy first told me about her transness and dressed for the first time in front of me she had no name. We went through lots of girls name and at the time she picked 'Abby'. She used this name for many years however after being in denial (again) for a couple of years when she emerged she was Lucy. Lucy picked her name as it was one that she identified and felt a connection with. Our eldest daughter helped pick her middle name and the surname was one we both chose, agreed on and have adopted until Lucy is 'out' after which we will use our true surname.

    Neither name bears any resemblance to her birth name. M did ask why Lucy had not picked a feminine version version of her male name and Lucy said that she does not identify with that name in any form and wanted a name that felt right for her.

    Hence the name Lucy Emily Morgan 🙂


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