Coming out on my terms

So, I am a little hurt. It’s to be expected I suppose. I knew my wife was not 100% on board with who I am, I just thought that she was more open-minded than she actually is.

I was talking to her on the phone while I was at work on Friday, I told her that I was going to let our daughter know when I got home. We had discussed this before and she was ok with this, and said that yes she would be there with me to help explain. Now she is saying that she doesn’t think that our daughter is ready for it.

Our daughter already had an issue with Martin before, but she got over it. Now my wife is trying to say that because of Martin, I have to give our daughter more time. So how much time is needed? She has already gotten over Martin being a boy, how long must I wait? This is more about my wife having issues than my daughters potential to have issues.

I’m not going to wait. I will tell her when we are alone. I am disappointed in my wife, I am hurt and I am just sad. I have supported her through a lot of her issues, I have always been the person supporting her dreams and aspirations. I just wanted her to support me being me.

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