Like a pretty shark

So I decided to post my photo on my blogger bio. I had a photo of my legs in heels before, because I have nice legs and it was a flattering photo. Now my face is posted, big step. It has a filter on it because I can’t apply cosmetics well (see horrible face artist). And I want to look as pretty as I can. Vain? Yes please! I’m so tired of being introspective and mining deep wells of wisdom. There are times where it would nice to be found pretty and sexy.

So, this is me, imperfect and flawed. In a mans body and with no recourse but to make this body into what I need it to be. Sorry guy, but I didn’t ask for this either. Say goodbye to your testosterone soon. And sooner that you think, goodbye to the rest of what marks you as male. I’m moving forward, like a shark, a pretty shark. (I bet you didn’t think I was going to tie in the title at all.)

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