Strongly emoting

There are so many things going on lately. I am very busy as usual, still doing two jobs within my company. I’m still thinking that when I change I better have another job, this one will be unbearable.


I’m still dealing with my son who has made it his mission in life to have no mission in life. He may (eye roll) be going to SC to live with his grandparents this weekend. They foolishly told him that he could stay with them if he didn’t find a job in our area. I tried to explain to them that he wasn’t actually looking for a job so that pretty much guaranteed that he would be moving in with them. Now they have pushed back his move in date several times and I have no reason to believe that this weekend will be any different. I have moved him out of the house, into the old apartment above our garage. There is no electricity or plumbing, though he is allowed into the main house to use the bathroom and take showers and eat, but that is it. I am trying to impress on him the seriousness of the issue. He isn’t homeless but he is throwing a fit already, his lifestyle is being infringed upon I suppose.  Anyway, a book could be written on my issues with my son. I have been patiently waiting for my son to do the disappointing thing, outing me in revenge or out of anger. I am not ready to be fully out, but I’m not going to back down from it. 


We have the fence on one side of our property, and now I don’t see or hear or worry about our horrible (now invisible) neighbors. And now on the other side of us, the 6 acres of forest have construction happening, which may be commercial, may be a home, can’t tell yet. My worst thought is that it will be a gas station or something of the like. I would have to gate off the property in an effort to keep people from walking through our land, bothering or hurting our two pygmy goats (their little fence is almost done) and our two chickens. It will also spoil the solitude we have only enjoyed for a year, the quiet, dark nights and the peace of mind. So, as I am a negative person (pragmatist) I am prepared for the worst and hopeful for a good outcome. 


Again, not going to go into hiding just because this neighbor appears out of nowhere. I hope they are open-minded or at least not bigoted asses and we can be friendly if not friends. Or they are really not going to like the transgendered lady next door, they will have to keep their children indoors and make sure their bathrooms are prominently marked with specific genders, while making sure that they aren’t sexually excited and therefore firmly against all transgender for making them feel this way.


I am just venting, I don’t think you are going to find any pearls of wisdom today, I should have divulged this early on. Sometimes, life is just dealing with annoyances and trivialities, it can’t be helped. I didn’t have to document it, but you didn’t have to read it either. J

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