Clothes Mare

I’ve always been obsessed with clothes. I love the way fabric looks across a clavicle, the flare of a skirt, taut cloth against the small of the back. It was almost impossible to find clothes that weren’t already someone else’s style. I stole, borrowed, inherited or found clothes and just threw them together. It was a mess. I have no artistic ability with fabric, other that the ability to sew, which isn’t enough to actually design something. I had a couple of dresses that worked but that was it. 

Now I have the Internet to feed my love of clothes. I have found that I am very fond of skater dresses, in most of their styles. I’m a huge fan of the halter dresses. Unfortunately I don’t like my arms, too manly.
I’m worried, on one side, that I am dressing too young. But on the other, I love skater and flare dresses so much! I like tight dresses as well, but I don’t have the body type for that. I have to lose weight for any dress right now, I feel too big, which is bad enough, but I’ve also got the body of a man. So, weight loss is my focus right now. 
I have a plan, restricted but healthy diet, workout in the form of running and yoga. I’m trying to find specific yoga techniques for feminization, but oddly am not finding it. Perhaps yoga just is.
I have to end this now, going to be late for work and I have to take off the wig, rinse and brush my hair into a mans style and put on my men’s button down. There is a set of clothes I don’t like wearing.

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