The right to Privacy..Fence

I live in a wonderful rural area, a small town is only 5 minutes away, and I only have one neighbor. Unfortunately that family of neighbors is horrible and so we decided after much deliberation, to have a privacy fence installed. I’m not handy, there are times I wish I were, I could save a lot of money. However, I don’t care for sweating and I don’t like to get dirty. Try growing up around a lot of boys and not like being dirty, a lot of unintended insightful name-calling during my early youth. So, the fence took three days to put up, it only covers one side of the property, the side with the neighbors on it. The fence was still 330 feet long! I am so bad at judging distance, I had guessed around 150 feet.

The Lowes person who came out to do the quote laughed about my guess and he also noted that he too felt awkward and uncomfortable from the neighbors as he was doing the quote. So glad it isn’t just me. The people at Lowes were very good and very conscientious. I am sure I could have found the fencing and labor cheaper, but with Lowes I got a year warranty on parts and service, so that is ok. Enough with the advert, the contractors came out and installed the fence. Unlike the other services from lowes, these contractors were slow. There were two guys, the slightly older, chunky one was too involved talking on his phone and going to other job sites. While the younger, kind of hot guy did most of the work, but alone it is ponderous and drags at a snails pace. The one in charge kept promising me it would be done in two days, on day two he promised that it would be done that day. On the third day he promised me that it would be done that day, but that I should expect three days to put up a fence this long. I told him that had I never been told, by him, that he would be done in two days no problem, then I would have indeed had no problem with a three day time line. They were slow, but it was done in three days and now I have my fence!

My daughter, who avoided the yard all last year because of the creepy neighbors and their dogs, is now comfortable going out and laying a blanket on the lawn to read or snapchat, whatever kids do now. And I can wear what I wish and not have to worry about the neighbors clocking me, they are very avid watchers of us. Hence Fence.

I am able to do yard work and just enjoy the outside, dressed in whatever I wish. Eventually, I will be me full time, that is the plan. The fence helps with mediating my needs versus my fears. We can even get no tanline tans if we want, without fear of being ogled by the people next door. I don’t even like tanning, but may do it just because I can.

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