I came out to my son!

I came out to Martin, our FtM son, while taking him to work today! We were discussing different things and I just felt it was time. I almost started crying when I told him. And to his credit, he took it in stride. He was understanding and accepting. I wish I had that kind of strength. I am fairly sure he was surprised, but glad that I told him. I told Martin I have a blog, that I have been documenting my thoughts and feelings on here. I actually feel good, I feel like I should have done that much earlier. Of course, I also feel that I shouldn’t have to be afraid for my life, or my livelihood by simply being who I am. Thanks NC for making sure I stay hidden a bit longer in a short human lifetime.

Anyway, I explained how I had to hide, that I have always been this other person. That the makeup in the bathroom is mine, and all those Amazon packages, those are dresses, panties, wigs, etc. I told him that my focus is making sure that he never has to hide who he is. I want him to just be who he is without fear.

I am still feeling a lot of emotions, but mostly I am just relieved. Now I have two more to go, I have to time these out. It’s more important to be a patient parent, to make sure I am not overloading them with things. Our 13 year old will be last, only because she has enough to be getting on with. Puberty and school, I will give her some time to adjust to her own issues before I hit her with my issues.

More to come, I have weekend things going on and a lot of feels in the works. I’m so glad I came out to my son!

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