Clean rooms and Wife things

I have a small thing to talk about and then a fairly large thing to talk about, and I’m going to mush them up together here in one post. I know, I’m crazy – it can’t be done, what am I thinking, right? 

My wife, I love her and I adore her, but she is driving me up a bloody wall. When I mention something, such as cheap pantyhose that fell apart, since it had no reinforcement at the toes, she invariably responds in what I am sure is an unintended condescending way. “All stockings are cheap”, however that isn’t really the case, some are better than others and I’m not brand new to the world. 

This is entering into the area of now that I am starting to be perceived as a woman or at least feminine, she is treating me like a lost doe in the woods. I have been a female all my life, yes there are some things I don’t know, but stockings isn’t something I am likely to have questions on. Also, she knows that I study, analyze and overthink everything I do, so she knows I’m not uninformed about material objects that actually have a measurable, quantitative value. I don’t know if this is her way of pointing out that I’m “not really a woman” in some passive aggressive way, or if this is just her way of trying to be supportive and what I am hearing is pure imagination. 

No idea. I know there are things I don’t know, but it’s about things like how to apply cosmetics or how to walk in heels. I need to just adjust my pride and ego and accept the help at face value I suppose. I love her and I appreciate her for putting up with me in the first place.


Ok, so that was the small thing, now to the larger concern…


I work at a place that requires a cleanroom. For those of you who do not know what that is, this is a room in which the air is filtered to exclude dust, and the air inside is constantly recirculated through HEPA filtration and kept at a positive pressure so if any leaks occur, air leaks out of the chamber instead of unfiltered air coming in. 

The problem for me, occurs when we have to enter the cleanroom, there are a series of rooms, one in which we disrobe, removing all clothing except our underwear (in this case, panties)  and then we enter another room in which we put on cleanroom smocks, pants and shoes. Thus far, the cleanroom hasn’t been at a level in which we needed to disrobe, merely put on cleanroom garb over our clothes, but in the new facility, this is a higher level cleanroom now.

We have not gotten or proper cleanroom garb yet, so we are still using the over-the-clothes style, but very very soon, we will be disrobing. And I’m not sure how to handle that. I have toyed around with different ideas. Hide a pair of male underwear in the IT room that stays locked, so I can change into them if I need to go in the cleanroom. Just keep my panties on and try to time it to where no one else is in there. Either way, I have shaved legs and I am NOT giving that up. Also, I am just uncomfortable being undressed in front of men. I did this in the military, but I was deep in hiding and had the hairy legs and kept up the machismo to a stupid level. I can’t go to my bosses with my being uncomfortable. They won’t care, and they will indeed drum me out of here. So, I think I will have to purchase a pair of boxers just to leave here so I can change into it when needed. Hopefully I can avoid ever going in there, but I doubt it. I’ve already had to go in there 14 times in just one month. Anyone else reading this work in a facility with a cleanroom? How did you deal with it? Any ideas at all, I am not above an invisibility cloak right now.

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