Hair, makeup and other sundry items

I received a wig in the post a few weeks ago, a HH wig that was neither expensive nor badly manufactured. It is less than shoulder length as I don’t want it to seem like I am trying so hard to hide my features. Also, the previous wig is long, and still serviceable, so I wanted something that was a different style. I am still not sure which length is better for my face or frame. 

I also obtained some makeup, some ordered online, some bought in walmart. I have concealer and primer, brushes and eyeshadows. I have, in short, all the things one needs to make a girl seem less imperfect. Of course, this would be the case if I were an expert or even a trained novice in makeup application. At the moment, our 13 year old daughter is better than even her mother at applying and correctly matching cosmetics. I wish I could tell her, I waffle on telling her. Not just to get expert makeup tips, but because I don’t like hiding who I am. And I should start these truths with my immediate family, I would think. I’m afraid of the look in my little girls eyes, as that look changes while she starts to understands what I am saying, then finally what it means. That me, the only father she has really known, isn’t a man. She has already been let down by her biological father, a man who she can’t really remember. I just don’t want to let her down at all. But I digress.

I have shown my wife my wigs, shared with her my cosmetics and worn them when I am able. She doesn’t say much about them, she acknowledges them, will give me advice on them, but I sense hesitancy, which is something I should just accept. I should appreciate that she isn’t violently opposed to who I am.

I must give her time. I have had all my life to deal with this, to figure out what is going on.

2 thoughts on “Hair, makeup and other sundry items

  1. Makeup is a minefield even for us CIS girls. Our 13 year old daughter too is great at the application and better than me however I am not an expert. I understand your fears with your daughter. My husband has the same fears about telling our 13 year old adughter that you have. We have older children some of whom know and some who don't yet. I have known about my husband from almost the start of our relationship 15 years ago so have been lucky as there has been no misrepresentation in our relationship.


  2. Morgan, thank you for your comment. I never thought about cosmetics before recently. I had grown so used to hiding, that something like that would have been difficult to remove quickly. So I always dismissed it. Now I am wishing I had taken more of an interest. Makeup is something I believe you grow into, you learn through years of trial and error. Most TS are at a disadvantage there, as we either come into it later or don't have a female presence willing to teach us.
    Your marriage is rare, not just because your spouse is TS, but because you knew about it at the start. It takes such trust to divulge something like this. I have avoided asking my wife for help with cosmetics, I don't want to be a project for her. I would be glad of some of your insight into the wife of a TS, if you would be willing. I just found your blog as well, I can't wait to read it! I love these examples of marriages that work. Hope is something we don't often get in the TS community. You, people like you, provide us hope that life doesn't end alone and ignored. And that is a wonderful gift!


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