Dresses and Treadmills

I bought a treadmill this week, I still have to assemble it, but I managed to get it in the house 250+ lbs of it. I’m glad, for this one instance, that I’m not on HRT right now. I will put it together this weekend. I have made a silent, but apparently not secret vow that I will not buy another dress, or blouse until I drop out of the plus size range. It’s a personal goal, not a judgement on anyone plus-size.

I have modified my diet to include healthy proteins and veggies, with portion control. I did this before with great results, but my hiding who I am always put me into a depression, in which I stopped caring about what I looked like. 
I still need to find a psychiatrist that has experience with trans, not only to start HRT, but to deal with my eating for comfort through depression. It’s not easy in the small mountain town I live in.

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