Hot for Teacher

I was up early as usual, as is typical, around 4:30am. On Monday’s and Friday’s I do the full shaving regiment, this Friday was no different. And as I have been doing for a while now, I put on clothing that makes me feel good. The unusual part is that now I don’t bother taking it all off when my wife gets up. I used to hide it, then when I came out to her, I would make sure to have it all off before she was up and around. Now, I leave it on. Only taking it off to put my boy-mode work clothes on. My wife woke up a bit later than usual and she was in the living room when I came back inside. I was in a little black dress, and a purple sweater jacket, as I had gone out to check the mail. We talked a bit and she went to get ready, while I made some tea.


As I was making the tea, she called me into the bathroom. She started showing me the different parts of makeup, and the reasons for using them. This wasn’t asked of her, I go out of my way not to ask her to teach me things. I’ve seen and heard of this going wrong, the wife doesn’t want to teach her husband the things she learned as a little girl. However, she was really into it, showing me the different parts and suggesting what would work for me. I was not only very touched and grateful, but I was incredibly aroused! I don’t know where that came from. I don’t get that way when I wear dresses, it’s not about sexual arousal. The most I get is excited about a new dress. I do feel sexy sometimes, but not full on aroused. Just a strange thing to happen, but I put it up to being already attracted to my wife and then feeling even closer to her during this makeup training session. 


I’m looking forward to this journey now, in spite of my misgivings and the many obstacles. I went to the store and bought some basic makeup today at lunch, of course I bought my wife some as well. 

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