Out on display

So, I don’t know if I have mentioned this, but I have never worn my dresses in front of my wife in the light of day. Until now!

Yesterday morning, it was a snowy day and we were all home due to the weather. I was up early, thinking I would have to be at work soon. I always put on a dress in the morning, something I would wear to work. It helps ease the pain of being in boy mode when I actually go to work. But, I called in since I couldn’t even see my car from the back porch. So I didn’t bother taking the dress off.

I heard my wife getting up in the bedroom, I keep a t-shirt near me in case the kids or the wife get up early. (I’m not sure how a t-shirt and panties are better than a dress if they were to walk in) This time, I just didn’t. She came in and I was sitting there in my dress and she sat down and checked her social media on her iphone (typical morning). I didn’t feel odd or uncomfortable, none of the things I thought I would feel wearing something undeniably girl in front of her. We sat and talked just how we always did. I didn’t detect anything in her manner, which I was hyper-aware of, in case she was uncomfortable. She isn’t a morning person, but I know she was aware of the way I was dressed. I made tea in the kitchen and sat back down, talking to her about our plans for the day. It was an incredibly nice moment for me.

This moment gives me courage that I can perhaps do this, I can finally start making some progress on my feminization and start being more me. My wife gives me hope, that is a very big gift.

Also, in that vein, she wants to do yoga with me! I’m just really starting to love the new year.

2 thoughts on “Out on display

  1. Just be careful…. I have a girlfriend who knows I'm transgender, but who avoids seeing that side of me. Don't push your wife quickly, don't rush things with her, and don't assume that she accepts your nature because she says nothing….

    You might find reading my blog interesting: crossingts.blogspot.com



  2. Marian, I agree it is tricky. I am basing her acceptance on her latest offer of sharing her clothes with me. It was unprompted and she took a lot of pleasure in showing the dresses and skirts to me. However, I'm not so wrapped up in this to think everything is ok. I'm just glad she has given me some hope. Thanks for the invite to your blog, there are so many out there that have given me valuable insight and wonderful ideas!


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