My wife

So, I am never really sure what she is thinking about my coming out as transgender. There are times where I am pretty certain she isn’t having it. And there are times where she seems very supportive. I think it depends on my mood as to what I will imagine.

However, a couple of nights ago she had brought a lot of clothes home from her mothers and was going through them. She picked out some very cute dresses and skirts and was showing them to me. She had mentioned that if she didn’t want something she would turn them in to her college which collects clothes for women to wear to work. I didn’t say anything, feeling a bit left out. I dreamed that night about my asking her if I could go through them and she freaked out and yelled and cried. I don’t care for my dreams sometimes. So I didn’t say anything that next morning. Later in the day we were talking on the phone and I decided to ask, very afraid of the answer. She said that she had decided to keep them all, but that we could share them. Share! I was not expecting that. I cried for a bit at work.

2 thoughts on “My wife

  1. That is so sweet, Beth! Totally went thru the same thing.

    My wife considered giving me the castoffs as “condoning” my “habit”. She outgrew that, and now almost always lets me pick thru anything being retired.

    Good times!


  2. I know! It was a big step, her allowing me access to her clothes. I let her know that she can wear mine as well. Being accepted as what I am may still be a while off, but this is a good sign.


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