So this morning I took a drive. I drove as me, no boy mode back up or something that could approximate boy. I wore my wig, an olive knit short dress and my favorite ballet slippers. I didn’t have on makeup, still haven’t gotten that yet. But I am newly shaven and I was feeling very feminine.

I walked out to my car, the neighbors were out, but they would have no idea who I was with my wig on, so I was comfortable. I did the sexy, butt in, then swivel the legs in I had seen done so many times, and that was very cool. Then something wonderful happened. I drove to the store, which is several miles away, and I got out of my car and stood in the parking lot. I just stood there, beside my car. I felt normal. I didn’t feel like I was getting away with something. I felt like I should go in a shop. Of course, I wasn’t delusional, I wasn’t going in with no makeup and that early in the morning. But it was nice to just feel like I wouldn’t have a problem otherwise.

I enjoyed the drive, with the window cracked to feel the wind moving my hair. Listening to music and just enjoying being me.

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