Unusual Morning

Early mornings are mine, if you’ve read previous posts, you know. I like to wear clothes I feel normal in, a dress or some jeggings and a nice top. I check the mail, go for a walk if it isn’t too cold, just enjoy some “me” time. I don’t wear these when my wife is up, typically, because she isn’t up during that time. She sleeps in until our youngest goes to school, and by that time I am halfway to work. So, it hasn’t come up and she hasn’t asked about my clothes. She knows I have them, I have shown her what I buy when I buy them. So this morning was different. I had just taken a shower, and shaved (I HATE shaving my face so much) my legs and then my face. So I came out of the shower in a nice olive colored, low cut, sweater dress I just picked up a couple of days ago, to find my wife sitting on the couch in the living room. For a moment I was frozen, this situation hadn’t happened before, then I just entered the room and picked up my phone to check facebook. It turns out she had a toothache and had trouble sleeping, not a word was said about what I was wearing, which I kind of expected. We talked for a bit and I found that I had forgotten what I was wearing and almost got in my truck wearing my “not work” clothes. So, I ran back in and put on admittedly still girl, but harder to detect clothes. I hate having to check myself, but even if I changed right now, I would just be unemployed, so work clothes wouldn’t even be an issue, but living would.

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