Down to here, down to there


I have my hair cut very very short, I hate having it that short, but my mid-way to long hair is horrible and takes a while and I have a new job this year. So I need help in determining a really good, economical wig. I could go with the more expensive ones, and I shall, but I want to have something right now and a custom wig is not in the cards at the moment. It’s not going to resolve my fear of going out in “girls” clothes, but it will make me feel more feminine.

My real issue, is that despite the armor that I wear each day of “not caring”, I really do care what other people think. I care far too much. I care that my wife will think less of me, I care that other people will see a “guy”, I care that I use to many ” “. It’s the reason why I haven’t come out, it’s the reason why I hide. I worry over what other people will think in their heads. It’s a real pain.

Anyway, if anyone can suggest a nice wig maker from say amazon that would be great.

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