Stiletto steps

Ok, so I wasn’t sure if this was oversharing, it probably is but I’m going to do it anyway. So I have been looking for a way to broach the subject of my wife making love to me, with a strap-on. And with work and the trip, it has been very hard for us to get together long enough for me to get to that subject. Alright, I have been the main hurdle there. I just don’t want to add yet another issue to the many issues I already bring to the table. I am an issue machine it seems.

I feel that we made it a step closer, to her accepting I am a woman who wants to feel like a woman. I had put on this very night-gownish dress and was laying in bed with her on a weekend. It was one of those deliciously comfortable weekend mornings where sex is most pleasurable if the other person would wake up! So I was laying there, the feel of this silky material, under the covers and cuddling with my sleeping wife. I was feeling very feminine and very much wished she would take me.

I don’t want to go into too much detail, out of respect for the wife. But we made love that morning and she was ok with me wearing traditionally feminine clothing whilst doing it. She was very handsy, so I think she really liked it. I just enjoyed feeling even moderately feminine during sex. I rarely am able to feel that, I usually feel mechanical and one-sided. So this was nice.

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