The Trip, Business

So, I’m going on a trip to Germany soon. I will be going with all my bosses (2) and other managers at my level. They are all men and they are all in their own click, good ol’ boys. I have always been the odd one out among them, in more ways than they know. But now we are going to be way too close to each other. Also, we are going to be in various states of undress, in a cleanroom situation. [ there is a gowning procedure, which includes taking everything off but your underwear and putting on a cleanroom jumper] So, that sucks. First of all, I’m not comfortable being around boys in their underwear, I had to endure that in the military, at least some of them were cute. This is not the case now, and I don’t want my bosses spotting things like shaved legs, they are not attractive and I’m married. Before I come out, I am going to have to find a new job, I would be run out of this one by these guys.

So, I am going to have to full boy mode it, take away the very few things that make me feel feminine. I will have a few things in my luggage so I can dress how I want in the privacy of my hotel room. But I’m nervous about the TSA thing searching my luggage. Anyway, if I come out, I want it to be on my terms, no one elses. I know I am giving away far too many details about my life as well on here. I have to reign it in a bit.

So I have to wear boxers and hope they don’t eye me while I get undressed and dressed again. I’m growing my facial hair out and cut my hair short for the trip to help with the ruse. My hair wasn’t that long to begin with so no big deal, but I HATE not being shaved, not being smooth on my face. The things I do to remain employed.

I haven’t posted on here in a while, been very busy preparing everything for this trip.

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