I am the Girl

I am the girl, who who falls for the cute boy.
Who isn’t noticed at first, but then he finally really sees.

I am the girl, with whom a boy falls in love and pursues.
He finally gets me by doing something profound.
I am the girl that kisses another girl.
Who learns that love isn’t always what you expect.
I am the girl, that doesn’t care what others think.
And in this way claims the love and trust of another woman.
I am the girl that curls up on her couch after breaking up.
Who watches old movies and knows them by heart.
I am the girl that loses her love, thinking never to love again.
Then she finds love in the heart of a good man.
I am the girl, who dreams of her big break.
Who is betrayed, but finds that her strength will get her through.
I am the girl, who is waiting for her prince.
To be rescued and taken to his castle to become his bride.
I am the girl, who is popular and sexy.
Who helps a nerd be cool, but in the end finds she loves him as he was.
I am the girl, that is desperate to get away.
Pursued by a crazy man, but finds the courage to beat him.
I am the girl with seemingly no care in the world.
Who helps someone realize a truth, and is fondly remembered once she is gone.
I am the girl who is brutalized and beaten.
That fights back and manages through sheer will to bring them to justice.
I am the girl who has been alone for a long time.
Who is brought back to the world by a caring and gentle man.
        I watched a lot of movies and TV in my life. I always identified with the girl. I wasn’t the action hero, I was the love interest. I wasn’t the infatuated boy, I was the object of his affection. I was Wonder Woman, I was Marion Ravenwood, I was Diane Court and Samantha Baker. I lived through their eyes and cried when they cried, fought when they fought, was brave when they were brave. No John Hughes movie was watched without me being the girl in my head. No fantasy in which I was not the enigmatic and svelte elven princess. When you see me, truly see me, you will know that I am the girl.

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