The Anomaly in the Machine

Anyone who wonders why I am not out, why I hide behind the internet. The responses to facebook postings of this are why. The level of hate, the sheer idiocy and bigoted remarks, remind me why people are not to be trusted. I’m not going to repeat the “arguments” these people made, the point is that they were pretty overwhelmingly against the poor lady. She actually took things rather well considering the treatment she was given. And yet, this woman will be subjected to far worse in the days to come, thanks to media slant and political agenda. People as a whole are mean and vindictive, those with agendas, doubly so.

She deserves to be treated as a person with respect, there is no need to quantify her for this to have impact. If my mom had been treated this way I would have been livid. I am no less livid for the way this woman was treated and is being currently treated.

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