Gravity sandwich

So, I’m in a mostly rural area, that does have the occasional bear, and no street lights. I would like to start running again and get fit. I did very well before we bought a house, in the apartment gym. Then we stopped for several months, getting the house and then getting house things done everyday after work.

I’m not afraid to say I don’t like the idea of running down an entirely dark road and into a bear or getting hit by a 4×4 truck in a hurry. So I’m not sure what to do. There is a bank a few houses down, I could run around its parking lot, but don’t want to be arrested for trespassing. Any gym is like 40 minutes away. Any ideas? Also I want to exercise to get into a more girlish figure. I’ve looked at a few YouTube how-tos and may try those. Anyone have any suggestions on the best exercises for this? 

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