Full House

I received some high-heels and stockings as well as a dress through UPS yesterday. Amazon makes shopping a lot easier. I’ve done some shopping in walmart, but I always get the stares and I always use the self-checkout and hope no one stands in line behind me. So I’ve got a nice little clothes collection in my closet and once in a while I get to actually wear those comfortable clothes. 

An issue has arisen, my stepson is losing his apartment this month, so we are taking him in for several months.  I love my son, but he is in his 20’s and I know he has a tendency to slack off when given the opportunity. So the time we believe he will be with us will no doubt be off by a great amount. This means that I have to modify the very small amount in which I let myself be me now. I have to hide things and change my habits. It’s not really a problem, so much as it just is what is happening and a mild annoyance.

Someone is almost always home, I get very little reprieve. And of course adding an extra person to the mix ensures that I will have to be the “guy” all the time for a while. It’s like being forced into a very small space in an very uncomfortable position. I suppose I am just complaining. 

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