The dogma of me

A lot of media coverage for the trans community lately. It started a lot earlier than Caitlyn, but it sped up after her show aired. I believe that people will come around to things through immersion, their world being opened up before them. Pushing people, telling them they are wrong for having feelings that don’t align with yours, only serves to push them away from you. I’m not saying to not fight for the rights of all transgender, I’m saying there is a better way than shaming everyone who doesn’t agree. Doing it the right way matters. If you are going to be taken seriously, if you are going to be seen as a legitimate part of society, acting as a petulant child isn’t going to help our cause. And also aligning ourselves as a special interest group only makes us seem more like outsiders.

We all want to be accepted, we all want to be able to walk down the street without fear of being attacked or verbally abused. I can understand that right now, we are at a historic milestone. The momentum has built to a frenzied pace and it is easy to use that for our own agenda, forgetting that there are others out there who are also beaten, discriminated against, killed in the name of bigotry. Let us be the bigger heart, let us be the ones who use the medias attention to do good, not just for the transgender, but our brothers and sisters of all walks of life. Being transgender doesn’t have to define us, being a human being with compassion and love can define us. 
Hatred needs a foothold in order to perpetuate. Let us be the ones to break that cycle. Don’t hate your fellow human beings for their own identities, don’t assume that a man who works on cars and drinks beer will be the antagonist to your story. It’s not that you are transgender, it is that non-transgender don’t actually understand. Applying bigotry to Cisgender will only ensure the problems we have faced over and over again. There is a difference between guiding and pushing.
That is my take on things, but I’m secretly an optimist, wrapped within the shrouds of a pessimist.

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