Behind the Mask

Everyone is up in arms about the Caitlyn Jenner costume. I understand that if done with bad intent it can only hurt our cause. However, I don’t believe it was done out of malice, I think it was done for profit, and I think that is a good thing. Let me explain, by putting Caitlyn in with Captain America, Wonder Woman, Casper and Dracula, it’s putting her and our cause into the mainstream consciousness of america. I don’t think it is mocking anyone, I think it is embracing the idea that people will want to emulate her during halloween. Is it a mocking act when people want to dress up as someone else? Why should this be different? Why should we insulate ourselves? The main issue with LGBT and transpeople that I hear is how we T’s are put off in a corner. This is an excellent way to put ourselves in the party and not in the corner. I think that we need to calm down just a bit and be able to laugh at ourselves once in a while, not for what we perceive everyone thinks of us, but for fun and joy. Allow yourself to be joyful once in a while.

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