Awkward situations

Had to go to urgent care today, I was not feeling well at all. So, I’m sitting in there and wondering if I would have to take off any of my clothes. I don’t care if someone I don’t know notices I wear panties and have shaved legs. However, when it’s someone I’m depending on giving me medical care I start to worry that this doctor may have something against transgender, or in my case the incorrect term of transvestite. Then instead of focusing on my medical issue he/she would be distracted by something that is just about their comfort level. Luckily, I didn’t have to get undressed at all.

It got me thinking about all the little details that I had never actually thought about. How do you handle these situations? If you have to go to a doctor, especially outside your primary care physician, transitioning or not, do they need to know about your gender assignment? Does it help to move on to the other real medical issue? What if the medical professional is less than professional and takes a personal stance? Has anyone been denied medical care for being transgender? I’m already up in arms about gay men not being allowed to donate blood, it’s just stupid.

Do I have to divulge my gender just because the doctor may ask me to disrobe? Am I better off wearing mens clothes to the doctors appointment, just to make someone else feel better? I feel stupid wearing mens clothes, I’m already not comfortable in this body, the least I have is wearing something that makes feel slightly better. So I would feel awkward being at the doctors, feeling awkward being in the wrong clothes.

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