Boy Meets Girl

So, I just watched “Boy Meets Girl” on Netflix. I loved the movie, though I can say that people are not that honest with themselves in real life. I’m speaking of the angry marine, usually the anger is enough for people and they will run with that instead of confronting any actual feelings. Regardless, I loved the movie for what it was saying. Michelle Hendley is AMAZING! I wish I had her strength. I cried through the movie for the strength her character showed.

I’ve already said enough times how I regret not being a stronger person, trusting in others was never something I could manage. I don’t trust people to be anything but an angry mob, I’ve seen the worst in people so it skews my ability to believe in people. I am in awe of those that made the transition and still managed to have a life and not be a complete shut-in.

I will not be the girl I am, it’s just how it is. I will be flesh that I am, and I will mourn it. If I had it to do over again, I am sure I would be just as weak as I was the first time. Only slightly less than my deepest wish to be a girl, would be my wish to have courage enough to be who I am regardless of who thinks what.

If I could give anyone advice on their lives, it will always be to have the courage to live your life on your terms. It will be the only true regret that I have control over and failed to control.

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