I love Saturday mornings

There is nothing like getting up early on a Saturday. Brewing some hot tea while the house is entirely still and silent. I’ll read the news, then take a nice long shower and shave my legs. I love it when my legs are freshly smooth, it’s satisfying on a fairly deep level to me.

I have yard work today, hopefully. I find it is therapeutic in it’s monotony.  There is nothing to distract me while I just work, a blissful meditation.

I love my fiance, she is absolutely the finest human being there is. I have such love for her, it’s inadequate to use words to describe it, for it will only pale in its comparison of its breadth and depths. She is my soul mate, truly, and I despise people that use that term. I can’t believe she puts up with me and my quirks. I am a girl who is a guy and she just lets me be me. When I told her, I really thought that she would have issues with it. She didn’t seem thrown at all, I’m glad, don’t get me wrong, but it left me wondering how well I was actually hiding it.

I had to lead with “transvestite” which I hate. I’m a girl inside and clothes don’t know gender so why do I need a label?! As Eddie Izzard says, “they aren’t women’s clothes. they are my clothes, I bought them.” He is so many levels of cool and brave.

So, I explained to my fiance that I was a girl inside, that I wore womens clothes and I was hiding it from the entire world, except for her. I felt like I put a lot of information on her that day and I felt bad for doing it. But, I didn’t want to marry her without her knowing the truth. And she just accepted it! She said ok, and moved on with her day. I didn’t know how to take it, I thought that maybe she was going to act like it had never happened, or that this is something I could never bring up again. But no, she has no issue with talking about it and it doesn’t bother her that I wear panties. I love this woman, she is really the best.

Ok, I have gushed enough and I’m starting to tear up. Time to get things done around the house.

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