Day to Day

It’s not easy, I know that I am physically a man, there is no kidding myself about that. I get depressed and sometimes it is harder to shake than other times. It depends upon the stress levels, and as I was told by my fiance, barometric pressure has some involvement. I don’t doubt it, where I live has been very rainforest-like in the last couple of weeks and that is about how long I have felt down.

So, I had a dream a few weeks ago, and it was very real, in which I was a girl probably about 15. There was nothing unusual at all about my day in the dream, it was very much like I would expect anyone’s day. However I woke up from the dream and since then I have been very depressed. I don’t know what I looked like, only that I was me, but I felt physically different, other than being young, I felt at home in my body. (I understand that almost no 15 year old, girl or boy, feels at home in their body, but it was a dream.)

It’s not unhappiness with my life, I have a pretty good life. Just want to point that out. I don’t have a real reason for the depression, only that it manifests.

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